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Maxine and Olly are MAXOLOGY


They first met on the dance scene in London and went from friends to lovers and then husband and wife: MAXOLOGY is the story of their passions told through electronic music.


Maxine and Olly are DJs in the truest sense of the work, riding a massive catalogue of influences that comes out in cutting-edge electronic styles. Their union binds their creative process, lighting their production and DJ sets with their love and passion.


They have delivered their irresistible sound worldwide at some of the highest rated parties around the world.


BPM Mexico

Electric Days Dubai

Cosa Nostra Malta


AGWA Boatparty

Lost Paradise

Unleash London



They have recorded podcasts for shows on Ibiza Global Radio and Jacks House London. One of their reviews read: “It’s one thing to play music and another to understand it. Maxine & Olly have a firm grasp on what it takes to create lush interchanges between melodic down energy breakdowns while pairing irresistible bassline driven tunes”. (SASH Sydney).





Maxine grew up in a house where there was always music playing. One of her earliest fascinations was not only of her parents’ massive vinyl collection, but also of their reel-to-reel recorder. Her first introduction to playing tracks was with the help of her father showing her how to change the reels at the age of 8. After early home schooling on The Beatles, The Who, & The Stones, Maxine fell in love with the experimental electronic sounds of the 80s, which still prove a big influence in the music, she plays today.



Olly grew up in Paris France and started playing the drums at 13. By the age of 18 he was already touring Europe with his band. Holding a deep connection to the delivery of beats and rhythm, he explored the styles of jazz, blues, rock and disco with until he swapped his drum kit for two 1210 turntables, a mixer and 3 boxes of vinyl.



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